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Old Hot Rods Scrapbook

With almost 600 old photos taken in the early days of  hot rodding, this book covers the mid-1930s to the mid-1950s.The photos display many of the ideas and modifications that went into the hot rods of over 50 years ago. This book is an excellent reference for hot rodding enthusiasts who want to learn about the good old days and those who are looking for ideas for their own nostalgia hot rod project. Review the golden years of hot rodding through the hundreds of vintage photos; many of them straight from rodder’s albums and never before published. 

Hot Rods at the Lakes, on the streets and at the drags in the early days.

This book offers a look at hot rodding over 50 years ago.  The old photos show what the hot rodders were building and driving back then. Many different models of roadsters, coupes and sedans are pictured in the book. The photos also provide a look at the modifications that individual hot rodders did to their vehicle. Hot rodding enthusiasts of today can see in the photos the styling ideas that were popular and also some very unique designs. 

Someone who desires to build nostalgia styled hot rod today will find the pictures in this book to be an excellent reference for ideas. Those who desire to learn about the early days of hot rodding will often see interesting items in the background of many of the photos in the book. It is always fascinating to look at the period dress code (rolled up cuffs on the Levis as an example).

The purpose for this book is to present lots of photos from old hot rodders’ albums, or shoeboxes, so that hot rodders everywhere can enjoy and learn from them.

All books can be personalized and autographed by the author,
and make a great gift for any hotrodding or drag racing enthusiast!

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