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Street racing, hot rods on the streets, speed equipment - the 1940's street rods - were all a part of the Forties. How fast were the hot rods? This question is discussed and analyzed in "Hot Rod Memories - Relived Again". The acceleration data for contemporary and even modern cars is compared to the estimated 1940's hot rod performances. The results may be a surprise to many auto enthusiasts.

More memories and photos of the activities of the hot rodders of the Forties, they hey-day of the hot rod, is what this book is about. Since hot rodding began on the streets, the book shows street action and tells about street racing and the drive-in activities.

The speed equipment industry was mostly built by hot rodders. They in turn were an important part of hot rodding. Speed shops and other types of businesses that helped the hot rodders are highlighted in this book.

In the early days nicely "fixed up" '36 and '40 Fords, or similar rods, were not considered hot rods and they were not altered to the degree that they were considered customs. So even though there was not an official name for them, there were some very nicely modified cars then. A chapter in "Hot Rod Memories" is devoted to discussing that style of hot rod.

"Hot Rod Memories" is just that - remembering the guys, activities and the hot rods.

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