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Coupes and Sedans, Roadsters, Modifies, Streamliners - The evolutions of hot rods. Hot Rods were dual purpose vehicles. They furnished daily transportation for the owner, and were readily available for racing on the streets or at the dry lakes time trials.

The actual hot rod era peaked in the 1940's and disappeared in the 1950's. Hot rods disappeared because the rodders abandoned their dual purpose hot rods and progressed on to rods designed for drag, track or lakes racing, or for show display.

"Hot Rods As They Were" is filled with photos from rodders albums, showing the evolution of hot rods in the 1960's. It show how the hot rod roadster evolved in this time period, and also shows and discusses how coupes and sedans became a part of hot rodding and which models were popular. Modifieds, Streamliners and the early drag racers are described as are the most professional hot rods of their day, the track roadsters.

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